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If you are interested in finding the "murals" on vinyl put up by the city and several Short North art galleries in 2012 under the project title "10 x 10 x10" please click on the thumbnail showing 10x10x10.


Mural of Union Station trains mural of Grant Wood's American Gothic with woman upside down mural of George Bellows' Cliff Dwellers covering side of apt building Skully / Magnolia Thunderpussy TN

The Garden TN Mona Lisa riverscape Angular Abstract Ohio Exterminating Co.

Fat Lip Tattoo Shop Kobo mural Wexner Butterfly TN

University Music House Weinland Gardens Tree Woman TN LeenO's

Fathers and Sons Superheroes TN Pattycake Bakery TN Uncle Sam TN KYC OSU Sports TN

Martinis mural Virtual Overdrive Little Grove TN Sold TN State Fair Mural 2008 TN

Rice Paddy TN Art Force One TN Smiths Deli TN Devore TN Cowtown TN Your Plan Is Working TN

10x10x10 Xenos TN VFW TN Jellyfish Thumbnail

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