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Date:  2000
Location:  1921 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio
Description:  The Cultural Arts Center, part of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, implemented the Millennial Murals Project. Per a publication received from the Greater Columbus Arts Council, "This [nine-week] project gave 60 teens, ages 12-17, and eight professional artists an opportunity to design and create inner-city murals." Specifically, about the Choices mural, the same publication says "This is a mural depicting three views of the Linden community. The large figures symbolically represent young adults choosing different paths for their lives. The young woman on the left chooses a destructive path and looks sadly at the other figures. Her environment reflects the results when young people make negative choices for their lives. The central figures represent kids, such as the mural artists, who are making positive changes in the community. Around them you see businesses, and people improving the neighborhood. The final figure has chosen a positive path by successfully educating himself. In this section of town are positive aspects of the present community and changes that the artists hope to see in the future. The mural should be viewed as a progression moving from night to day, negative to positive."
Artists:  Michelle Alder, Alexis Powell, and the young people of Linden
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Sponsors:  The Greater Linden Development Corporation and Director Terry Townes, CMACAO Teen Drop-In Center and Director Carmen Allen, North Linden Commission, South Linden Commission, Club Surrender and Director Nicole Redic, CMACAO Northeast, Willy Thompson (building owner), Carolyn Denner of Linden Hardware, Key Foods, Walt Neil, and the Linden Community
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mural of colorful neighborhood with kids

Photo by Paul Puckett Flickr 2005, http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulstravelpics/95342099/in/photostream/


Detail of Choices, young woman leaning against wall

Photo by Paul Puckett Flickr 2005, http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulstravelpics/95342206/in/photostream/


Detail of Choices, 3 young people standing on the word Choices

Photo by Jim Arter 2000


Detail of Choices, graduate

Photo by Jim Arter 2000


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