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...Super Mario Brothers

Date:  August to October 2010
Location:  107 North Ninth Street, Columbus, Ohio - CCAD campus, Discovery District
Description:  This mural was designed by CCAD student Ken Aschliman (now BFA) to advertise CCAD's inaugural Town Hall meeting in 2010. It is 16 feet tall and 38 feet wide and was painted with latex on the side of the CCAD Administrative Building. Ken designed the concept and 11 fellow students (listed below) helped him execute it in 8 days. Ken says "The Super Mario Bros. environment was a perfect metaphor for student involvement in Student Government. Ultimately, students control their college experience if they participate...The mural invited students to participate by posing in the landscape to complete the image...I didn't consider the mural complete until participants posed in front of it...we painted each pixel 2 inches square in order for human bodies to fit into the environment. We had to measure everything with rulers and paint very carefully to achieve the pixelated look....It was great working with a team, very fun. We would have a couple people painting, while others were sketching out the next blocks and enemies to be painted. Being the tallest, I was always the one who had to stand on the top of the ladder to paint the top. That part was not so fun...A lot of locals came out on weekends to see the mural. There were lots of families with small children. It was great because you rarely see families on campus."
Artists:  CCAD students Ken Aschliman, Chavilah Bennett, Jennifer Sands, Michael Smith, Dion Utt, Walker Crane, Greg Reyes, Alex Trimpe, Pallavi Sen, Jessica Braunschweiger and Emily Rickard
Artist Website:  kenaykash.com - Ken Aschliman
Artist Website:  behance.net/pallivsen - Pallavi Sen
Sponsor:  Columbus College of Art and Design
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Super Mario Brothers

Photo by Ken Aschliman


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